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Special Equipment

The fleet owned by Santoro S.r.l. also includes special equipment, such as:
The hydraulic gantry cranes are a mobile structure hydraulically working which passes over a track; it is endowed with an engine and a variable lift with an extent up to 14 metres and a maximum load of 140 tons. The hydraulic gantry cranes constitute a safe and efficient way to lift and locate heavy loads where the use of traditional cranes is unworkable.

The electric automotive crane type “tartaruga” for indoor use has a load plan height of 26 centimetres and a payload up to 80 tons. This electric special equipment allows the handling of machinery or parts of machinery systems where the spaces are limited or difficult to reach.

The hydraulic grapple which is mounted on our vehicles has a maximum load of 3.5 tons. It allows to operate in the fields of ferrous metals, waste and trunks recovery, but it is also useful for the cleaning up of watercourses.

The rental of hydraulic lifts such as gantry cranes, electric automotive crane type “tartaruga” for indoor use and hydraulic grapple is to be expected with the presence of a handling specialized operator.