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Hydraulic Cranes

The range of hydraulic cranes which constitutes the wide fleet owned by Santoro S.r.l. has a capacity from 30 to 200 tons and covers a great number of lifting and handling demands:
– cranes for the load and unload of heavy machinery;
– cranes for containers handling;
– cranes for the location of silos, tanks, electrified poles, telephony poles, etc;
– cranes for the recovery of crashed heavy vehicles.
Santoro S.r.l. suggests the rental of hydraulic cranes which can be used in different fields of activity: building, industrial, mechanic sectors etc. The aim of the company is to offer personalized solutions to its clients, who Santoro reaches to by using specialized human resources and an advanced fleet which includes aerial platforms, forklifts and special vehicles, too.

As it operates in full compliance with the existing safety regulations in the working environment, Santoro S.r.l. ensures high quality standards thanks to the use of its new- generation fleet.