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Diesel and electric automotive cranes for indoor use

The limited encumbrance, the possibility to move with a hooked part and the various combinations of equipment make our diesel and electric automotive cranes for indoor use the most suitable vehicles for heavy handling in limited spaces. Their high manageability reduces the runtime and ensures a fast and efficient service.
Thanks to the constant investment in new- generation vehicles, the company suggests a wide and varied cranes fleet for rent which includes:
– diesel mobile cranes for indoor handling with a payload from 20 to 80 tons;
– electric cranes with a payload from 6 to 40 tons;
– alla terrain cranes for indoor use with a payload from 30 to 200 tons.

The company of Casale Monferrato ensures prompt and efficient responses to any demands and suggests, as an alternative to the traditional diesel vehicles, the rental of electric mobile cranes (or battery- powered cranes) which are ideal for indoor use thanks to the lack of exhaust fumes and slowdowns to the company production cycle.

Santoro S.r.l. offers a vehicles rental service for the handling, lifting and heavy goods transport all over Italy, Europe but also beyond European borders. The rental of an mobile crane for indoor use includes the presence of a qualified operator working in full compliance with the safety regulations in the working environment.
Thanks to its long- term experience in the fields of logistics and goods handling, the company also suggests the rental of aerial platforms and forklifts; it provides transports by trucks with cranes, trailer trucks and lowered articulated trucks as well as providing a goods storage service.