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Cranes Rental

Santoro S.r.l., thanks to its wide fleet, offers a service of cranes rental with operator which is able to satisfy the various demands of the customers.
The fleet owned by the company consists of new- generation vehicles, revolving cranes and mobile cranes with limited encumbrance, either diesel or electric, which can also operate in narrow or enclosed spaces thanks to the lack of exhaust emissions.
In detail, Santoro S.r.l. has at its disposal:
– diesel mobile cranes for indoor handling with a payload from 20 to 80 tons;
– electric cranes with a payload from 6 to 40 tons;
– all terrain cranes for indoor use with a payload from 30 to 200 tons.

Among the possible activity areas where Santoro S.r.l. operates with success: load and unload of heavy machinery, handling of containers, location of silos and tanks, handling of ships and wreckage, removing of debris and trunks, recovery of crashed heavy vehicles. Side by side with its clients, Santoro S.r.l. analyzes and suggests tailor- made solutions for all sorts of demands, thanks to the diversified supply of vehicles and an experience which derives from more than fifty years of existence in the integrated logistics environment, goods and machinery handling as well as industrial relocations.

In addition to cranes rental, the fleet owned by Santoro S.r.l. includes:
– aerial platforms
– forklifts
– trucks with cranes
– trailer trucks with cranes
– lowered articulated trucks